Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player Version 12 Free

Windows' official media player in an upgraded version that puts up a fight against popular media players

Every now and then Microsoft develops a product that's actually good and that makes us admit that (when it wants to) this company can deliver great software programs.
That's the case with Windows Media Player's current version. We intentionally refer to the current version as its previous ones were so basic and so lacking in support of common formats, that Microsoft itself is the one to have created an entire media player industry including software programs such as VLC or BS Player, which many say are superior to Microsoft's product, even after it have significantly improved it.
Play almost any video and music file
Windows Media Player supports almost any video format you need. Full screen mode provides with smooth and simple viewing experience, and users are not subjected to the sometimes confusing overburden of buttons and options as is the case with competitors.
Also in playing music, Windows Media Player excels, as it's easy to use, it's easy to switch songs, and it's easy to load new songs.
Synchronize your video and music files with your real world player or with your smartphone
The ability to synchronize your music gallery is very convenient. As opposed to iTunes which sets strict limitations as only Apple knows how to set, here you'll be able to use the drag & drop feature to easily copy files while being certain they'll be synchronized as you've previously set.
View photos also
Few use media players to watch photos as many users prefer using a designated photo software program, such as Picasa. However, should you prefer using a single software program for your photos, music, and videos alike, this software program will meet your needs. It doesn’t provide advanced photo editing capabilities, which may not be required by those with video files, but which are usually required by those who discover that the photos they took have red eyes that need fixing.
Users come first